Inspirational - World - Wandering Sexual-Faerie Dust Sprinkling - Earth Mumma.

I have had quite a journey through life. At a young age opening fully to my gifts on this planet and stepping into my role as "healer" for want of a better word, only through fear to shut down all of my knowings and senses for many years. Leaving myself to find the long jouney back to myself. Finally after many years of searching and learning the way home I have awakened again to my path and bring forth my Shamanic Priestess. I am one of the many holding space for us as humanity is making massive shifts on this planet  to awaken to our deepest Heart. 

Just like you, my life is full of the ups and downs that life serves us. In the past those downs have taken me to the depths of despair and to places where I needed to fight for my own survival. More recently the highs have taken me to places of ecstatic bliss, love, joy and inspiration. What’s changed is the way I respond to what life presents me with. I now have the tools to move through what might look like hard times with ease and grace and very little emotional upheaval and I am able to guide others to do the same. 

One of the lessons I learnt in my 16 years deeply entrenched in the Corporate world was that women are spending their lives trying to be everything to everyone – and losing themselves in the process. When the doctor told me a Heart attack or a Stroke was imminent….well, that was the moment I woke up to myself. That was the day I basically left my business behind and decided to focus on what I truly wanted to do with my life.

Now I spend my time inspiring others to find the spark in their lives, and share the tools I have discovered to make massive change and transformation in the areas of life that they desire change.

Much of my work is tailored to guiding women on a journey of inspired self discovery and deep healing. 
Finding the inner balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies, reconnecting with the power of the Womb and allowing the body to come back to its natural state. At times holding their hands through the incredibly freeing work of releasing emotions around trauma, abuse and sexual shame.

Over the years I have tried various techniques and tools to help me find what was truly going on for me. I knew deep down there were some big issues that needed to be released, but I had no idea what they were. When I discovered Dane Tomas and his work "The Spiral" everything changed rapidly!! In a matter of 7 weeks life looked very different. The best way I could explain it was that I felt like my entire personality was laying out infront of me and I was able to pick up all the pieces that were truly me, and leave all the conditioning and the dogma behind. Wow what a relief!
I went on to become a Spiral Practitioner with Dane and now love clearing so much that I use the tools in many of my sessions. I am one of 2 Master Practitioner of over 60 wordwide and I run many of the Spiral events with Dane. 

I have studied with incredible Shamanic teachers and followed the teachings of the Temple Arts. I bring these tools into all of my sessions and online courses and believe that the more in tune we are with the energetic realms the more abilty we have to raise the consciousness of the planet. 

Dancing has been part of my life since I could first walk, it always made me feel alive and in love with life. Now I use that love to create moving meditation and dance journeys to discover different aspects of your being. Through movement and connecting to the Divine we can move emotions through our bodies and find more happiness, love and freedom.     
I would love to take you on a journey of inspired transformation and share with you the techniques I have used to completely change my life. 
Big Love
Zapheria Bell