Temple Devotion
The Devotional Art Of Love

I bow at the alter of your heart 
For I see to love you is to love me 
For although your flesh is not my flesh 
We are made one and the same
I bow at the alter of my heart 
For I see to love me is to love you 
As self love is the key 
The way to love you more
At the alter of my heart I commune with the seat of my soul 
For to commune with my soul is to commune with God
Not the God in the faerie tale book they preach
The God who holds the key to all that is known and unknown
Into the realms of all that is 
Where you and me are one and the same 
Where the illusion of separation is lost
Where the truth is known 
That all there is is love

​Zapheria Bell

Temple Devotion 

Many are hearing the call back to the Temple Arts. Its time to remember your own inner Priestess and Priest and to awaken to the calling of the Sacred Mysteries of the Temple. 
Temple Devotion is an event unlike any other to guide you on a deep journey of awakening.
Your senses will be opened to erotic sesnsual bliss, you heart opened to love as a pure devotional art and your womb initiated into her power.

You and your partner will journey together in a safe space allowing you to explore aspects of one another that are yet to be discovered.

Transmissions of The Sacred Mysteries
Sacred Sex Magickal Ritual 
Exquisite Sensual Delights
Powerful Initiations for Cultivating Sexual Energy for Healing and Manifesting 

Next event details coming soon!