Opening the Hearts of the World with Loving Presence and a Touch of Magick
1. A full audio recording  of the Art Of Loving Men Session from this years Seven Sisters Festival
2. Heart Opening Meditation 
3. Quantum Jump into Your Ultimate Open Hearted Self 
4. A Seven Sisters Special Rate on Womb Spiral Sessions

How To Work With Me
"She is oozing with love and kindness and I would recommend for anyone to work with her." Yana

“I feel an openness and freedom to be myself, free from aspects of me that no longer serve me. This has been a life changing process, so worth it!” Majenta Moon

​“I could never thank Zapheria enough for taking me on this journey of self discovery, I feel more ready to take on life than ever before!! 

​“I honestly feel like a new person. This rebirth has made room for my deepest passions to come forth and feel obtainable” Spiral Client

​“I am a changed person with a clarity & energy that has finally been unveiled from years of my crap being released” Spiral Client​​

Zapheria holds a safe space of love and nurturing to guide you to a deeper level of connecting with the heart, activating the womb and embodying your full feminine power in all its forms. 


In this 9 week journey Zapheria will weave a unique combination of all the tools in her tool box of Shamanic Journeying, Emotional Clearing, Feminine Embodyment, Movement and Tantric Skills. 

  • Release trauma and emotional blockages held within your Womb and Yoni
  • Step into your full Feminine Embodyment & Radiance 
  • Open to the Power of the Womb Mysteries 
  • Find a new level of your Sensual and Sexual Self as you release shame and move through to a deep place of Surrender 
  • Claim your Ecstatic Bliss
  • Deepen into Self Love
  • Unapologetic freedom of expression 
  • Reclaim your Innocence
  • Step into your Evolutionary Woman
  • Activate your Priestess

Womb Spiral has been created by Zapheria Bell and Dane Tomas to combine the powerful transformational structure of The Spiral and Zapheria’s other area of expertise, Shamanic Womb Journeying through the 7 gates of The Womb. 

WEEK 1 - Opening Circle & Intention Setting 
WEEK 2 - Trust & Yoni Entrance
WEEK 3 - Gratitude & G-Spot 
WEEK 4 - Devotion & Clitoris
WEEK 5 - Inocence & Cervix
WEEK 6 - Longing & Womb 
WEEK 7 - Surrender & Creation Point
WEEK 8 - Ecstacy & Cosmic Womb 
WEEK 9 - Integration


To discover if Womb Spiral is for you book in a free 20 min phone chat with Zapheria


Over Skype or in person these powerful 2 hour sessions are deeply transformative. 
Wanting to move through any emotional blocks stopping you from fully stepping into your Feminine Embodyment then these sessions are for you. 
Come to the session with an area you would like to work on and a desired outcome.

Usually held over Skype, however on occassion in central Melbourne or Byron Bay.

Seven Sisters
4 Part Video Series

Womb Activation 

Heart Connection

Sisterhood Wound

The Priestess