What people are saying.........

"Zapheria is a deeply embodied, wise and intuitive woman who really knows how to facilitate powerful experiences and space.
I am quite picky about who I trust to really guide me but saying yes to working with zapheria was obvious because she has a really clean and clear energy and integrity.
Having a 1:1 session with her was really transformational and powerful. We tapped into some core stuff that was going on for me and was an amazing catalyst for change in my life.
She has a wise mind to see what's going on, a huge heart to feel you and be sensitive and isn't afraid of the shadows or the darker stuff so you can really let go and know you're safe.
Highly recommend"
Vanessa Florence

"Working with Zapheria was an experience like I’ve never had before. She is profoundly intuitive and knowledgeable and I felt that she held me exactly as I needed to get the deepest possible healing from her work. Since doing the womb spiral workshop my life has changed so much, my self love and acceptance is at a whole new level. I never thought it was possible to feel this good about myself and my abilities and to feel so deeply connected to myself. It was amazing to watch Zapheria work too, as she reaches places I never knew a person could, to come up with ways to help you fully heal and integrate all the changes made during the workshop. I would recommend this work to every woman."

"Womb Spiral: if you have a mixture of fear whilst at the same excitement about womb spiral then you were like me before it. I had no idea or clue of what it was or would happen -total unknowing. This potent mixture of womb work with the spiral as well as Zapheria herself is a catalyst for deep profound transformation, transmutation and magick unlike anything you’ll experience. 
I’ve finally found myself. My TRUE self. Now I operate in the world from a place of love not wounding or trauma. 
A place where my masculine and feminine are interweaving effortlessly. 
Where surrender and magick exists everyday in every way."

"After the amazing clearing session I had with Zapheria the other day, I'll be eating up anything she is dishing.. wow, just.WOW! Hooked!" - Katharine 

"I appreciated your kindness, non-judgement and sincerity. I am stoic and find it really hard to let people in, but u made me feel really safe and unpressured. I haven't had that experience before. Thank u thank u"

"I just have to say, I really appreciated your level of skill in the session - I've been coached by a lot of people with coaching qualifications till the cows come home and that session the other day was A+, so thank you!

"I admire Zapheria’s ability to diagnose the right path and find the right words to ease my thoughts along the way. I am a changed woman. After my own journey, I paid to see my mother and partner go through it too. Watching my man blossom in a similar unfolding of self to my own, I can confidently say that both our journeys vouch for Zapheria’s power. She is oozing with love and kindness and I would recommend for anyone to work with her." Yana

“I honestly feel like a new person. This rebirth has made room for my deepest passions to come forth and feel obtainable” Spiral Client

“I feel an openness and freedom to be myself, free from aspects of me that no longer serve me. This has been a life changing process, so worth it!” Majenta Moon

“I am a changed person with a clarity & energy that has finally been unveiled from years of my crap being released” Spiral Client

“I could never thank Zapheria enough for taking me on this journey of self discovery, I feel more ready to take on life than ever before!! Before Spiral I was so uncertain of what to do with myself on a daily basis, questioning everything and slipping into a complete lack of motivation" Leigh

“Zapheria facilitates a journey in movement to beautifully balanced music .
I left feeling reconnected and whole” Tony
Inspired By
The cave you fear to look in, holds the jewel you search for.

The greatest of gratitude to the teachers who have opened my heart and my mind to look deep in the caves I feared, for they have gifted me with the most incredible jewels of this life.
Dane Tomas

Dane Tomas is a writer, personal transformation innovator and creative entrepreneur. He is the creator of the system of emotional clearing called "The Spiral" which is incorporated in much of what I do. 
He is an inspiration in the teachings he shares with his Practitioners, constantly inspiring us to be innovative and transformational in our approach with his work. 

Janine McDonald

Janine is a powerful Shamanic teacher of the Temple Arts and the Blood Mysteries. Her Shamanic Womb journey work has provided such a deepening into the work of the Womb and my connection to The Mother energy of the Earth that I was inspired to join a very small group of women in an aprenticeship with Janine in 2016 

Janine is also a facilitator with the International School of Temple Arts.

Leyolah Antarah

Leyolah is the founder of a cutting edge tantric alchemical ecstatic dance practice called Kundalini Dance,
A month intensive practitioner training with Leyolah in Bali in 2015 was a deep transformational journey that set me on the path to working with Kundalini Shakti and the power of her deep work with the Feminine. 

Kerry & Diane Riley

Diane and Kerry are founders of the Australian School of Tantra and tantra teachers.

Completing Dianes teacher training "Love Works" in 2014 was the start to my offical training in Tantra.

Kerry Rileys weekend training in Tibetan Pulsing Mandala's was such a gift and a huge inspiration to me and my offerings. 

Further inspired by the teachings of:

David Deida
Alison Armstrong 
Danielle LaPorte
Temple Arts with the International School of Temple Arts
Shamanic Teachings with Raghida Shaman, don Oscar Miro-Quesada and others