The Spiral & Emotional Clearing 

The Spiral 

Freedom from your emotional baggage and life conditioning – allowing you to move quickly towards the life you deeply desire.

The Spiral is a 7 step process that will unpack the majority (21) of our destructive behaviours. It's a deep process that will bring transformational change.

Spiral combines the most powerful personal transformation techniques and healing modalities together and utilizes a powerful process called “root clearing” to remove sabotaging patterns that we often don’t even know we have until they’re gone.
This is achieved by removing the blocks to our natural human ability to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and letting the intelligence of the body do the rest achieve this.
Who should do The Spiral?
Spiral is for people who are ready to make a big change in their lives. This process will make permanent shifts in the way you show up the world.
For this process we have a phone or skype interview to ensure you are ready for this life changing process. 

"I admire Zapheria’s ability to diagnose the right path and find the right words to ease my thoughts along the way. I am a changed woman. After my own journey, I paid to see my mother and partner go through it too. Watching my man blossom in a similar unfolding of self to my own, I can confidently say that both our journeys vouch for Zapheria’s power. She is oozing with love and kindness and I would recommend for anyone to work with her."
- Yana

​“I could never thank Zapheria enough for taking me on this journey of self discovery, I feel more ready to take on life than ever before!! Before Spiral I was so uncertain of what to do with myself on a daily basis, questioning everything and slipping into a complete lack of motivation" 
- Leigh


Zapheria very rarely sees one on one clients so please book a time to chat and see if this is a suitable match for both of you 

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