The Ecstatic Way Of The Womb Retreat
& The Womb Spiral Experience 

The Ecstatic Way of The Womb  Retreat  

This is Zapherias' signature offering where she weaves a unique combination of Womb Spiral, Womens Circle, Ritual, Shamanic Journeying and Dance together to create a powerful and tranformative experience. 

A small and intimate group of women journey deep into process together in this 6 day/5 night residential retreat. Creating a powerful exploration of sisterhood we find the balance of the deep emotional release and facing our shadows that Womb healing demands, along with time for sacred self care practice and pampering. 

Healthy delicious food made with love, time with like minded sisters, Yoni steaming to love and pamper your Vagina, Bodywork to allow your body to move the emotions we release and Self care rituals all make up an important part of the retreat. 

Combine this with the powerful and transformative shadow work, trauma release, deep Shamanic Ritual space and facing yourself on the deepest level possible, and you have one supercharged and powerful weekend!

  • Release trauma and emotional blockages held within your Womb and Yoni
  • Step into your full Feminine Embodyment & Radiance 
  • Open to the Power of the Womb Mysteries 
  • Find a new level of your Sensual and Sexual Self as you release shame and move through to a deep place of Surrender 
  • Deepen into Self Love
  • Unapologetic freedom of expression 
  • Reclaim your Innocence
  • Awaken and unleash your creative gifts
  • Open to your full pleasure 
  • Consciously create 
  • A woman who is in her own balance, her own essence and is able to make choices of whats completely true to herself 
  • Clear lineage of your ancestry and the future lineage
  • Integrate the power of the Heart Womb connection 

A large component of this work is Womb Spiral and Shamanic Womb Journeying - 

Womb Spiral has been created by Zapheria Bell and Dane Tomas to combine the powerful transformational structure of The Spiral (The Spiral is a transformative system created by Dane Tomas that rapidly and permanently breaks old patterns and conditioning) and Zapherias' other area of expertise, Shamanic Womb Journeying through the 7 gates of The Womb. 

A guided journey through the 7 gates of the Womb allowing a deep initiation into the Womb of the Earth and the Cosmic Womb. 
A path into the way of living as a Womb centred woman - constantly connected to the full creation of life. 

Gate 1 - Trust & Yoni Entrance
Gate 2 - Gratitude & G-Spot 
Gate 3 - Devotion & Clitoris
Gate 4 - Inocence & Cervix
Gate 5 - Longing & Womb 
Gate 6 - Surrender & Creation Point
Gate 7 - Ecstacy & Cosmic Womb 

- 6 nights accomodation 
- All meals and snacks included 
- Bath house or similar (depending on location) 
- Goddess photoshoot
- Journal
- Integration session with Zapheria 
- One month post retreat support via group facebook


"I have just completed the Womb Spiral with Zapheria. It has been an amazing journey, full of growth, revelation, true joy and lots of laughter! Zapheria is an amazing priestess. She held me in such a deeply safe space, which allowed me to journey deep and experience new levels of pleasure and release old stagnation and trauma stored in my body. I feel more whole and connected to my womb, heart and body than before. I am more connected with my daughter and am experiencing a greater ease and flow in my life. I have a clearer vision of where I am headed and I am manifesting those things so much easier than before. It has been an intense journey of discovery. I have learnt some beautiful techniques which I can tap into at any time that help ground and connect me with a powerful energy within. If you are looking for more connection, power, flow and pleasure in your life then this journey with Zapheria is a must! I am forever grateful for having taken this journey." Stacey

Womb Spiral is also available as Group Online offerings as Zoom sessions

The Womb Spiral Experience